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Those looking for a rustic seating option for their events should look no further than the Oak Crossback Chair. This curiously-designed piece features interesting cross-shaped backrest supports as well as a Hessian-style seat cover for maximum comfort. 

The most striking feature of the Oak Crossback Chair is its arts-and-crafts-style construction. The seat features a solid oak frame, with elements on the backrest screwed together instead of using the more traditional mortise and tenon joints. The original grain on the wood is still visible and there are attractive, arch support struts at the sides and front to cater to guests of all shapes and sizes. The cushion complements the chair perfectly and provides ample support, even during long periods of sitting. 

Who is this chair for? The Oak Crossback Chair is suitable for traditional weddings or any event with an understated, natural-looking colour scheme. Thanks to its neutral design, it should not clash, adding to its versatility.

  • Solid oak construction and rustic design
  • Attractive and unusual cross back on the backrest
  • Available with a comfortable, Hessian-style seat cushion
  • Suitable for weddings
  • Arts-and-crafts styling for a laid-back aesthetic