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If you’re looking for a table that offers both ruggedness and practicality, then our Wooden Trestle Table for hire might be exactly what you need. While it has a simple design, it can seat up to eight people (for the larger 6-foot model), making it an invaluable practical tool for any events that you might want to run. 

The table features a solid, continuous top made of polished wood and comes equipped with easy-to-use fold-out legs. To operate, simply place the table top-down, unhinge the legs and pull them out into position. Then flip over. 

The design of the Wooden Trestle Table makes it incredibly easy to set up, put away and store. Multiple units can fit closely side by side or on top of each other, awaiting deployment or removal. 

How you set up these tables is entirely up to you. They can be placed next to each other to create a larger, single table, or serve as standalone tables in their own right. 

  • Solid, practical trestle table for event flexibility
  • Fold-out legs for quick setup and easy storage
  • Available in four- and eight-seater versions
  • Affordable pricing
  • Can be used individually or in groups to create a single, larger table