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If you’re looking for a simple, understated, yet elegant, seating option for your event, then the Cheltenham Natural Beech Chair could be just the ticket. Unlike other banqueting chairs in our range, it offers a natural wood finish, allowing it to blend effortlessly into the background and complement virtually any theme or colour scheme. 

The chair comes in full beechwood construction and a choice of seat pad colours, including burgundy, gold, ivory, black and blue. The backrest features two embellished cross rails, with four vertical milled support struts linking the two. Under the chair, you’ll find additional support struts with attractive mortise and tenon joints, adding strength and improving safety. 

Because of its natural wood finish, the Cheltenham Natural Beech Chair goes with most colour schemes, so it is a great option for anyone concerned about how seating options might affect their current setup. Chairs look great when placed around banqueting tables or when lined up in rows. Hire yours today. 

  • Elegant beechwood construction
  • Natural wood finish, suitable for practically any event theme or colour scheme
  • Strong frame, suitable for guests of all shapes and sizes
  • Available in a range of seat pad colour options
  • Attractive backrest with classical embellishments