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Parquet Dance Floor

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Parquet flooring dates all the way back to 16th century France. Designers came up with the idea of arranging wooden blocks in geometric patterns and then sticking them together to create wooden flooring, varying the size and orientation to produce stunning visual effects.

In more recent years, parquet floors have become popular dancing surfaces, offering the perfect level of friction for your guests’ dance moves, making them ideal for weddings and parties. 

Our Parquet Dance Floor panels are designed with this in mind. They feature lacquered hardwood panels consisting of squares, each made up of five smaller oblong wooden blocks in a traditional French style.

How large you want your dance floor to be is up to you. We offer 12ft by 12fy, 15ft by 15ft, 18ft by 18ft, 21ft by 21ft, 24ft by 24ft and 27ft by 27ft options.

Constructing the dance floor is simple and only takes a few minutes. Just slot panel together on top of the existing floor at your venue. 

  • Stylish parquet dance flooring
  • Optimal level of grip for dancing
  • Available in a range of sizes from 12ft squared to 27ft squared
  • Easy to set up: just slot the flooring panels together
  • Place on top of the existing floor at your venue
How much do you charge for delivery?
We work out the delivery charge based on the distance between our warehouse in Churchill, Worcestershire and your venue. The charge will be included in our confirmation of your quotation.

When would you deliver and collect?
We deliver at least one day before the event and collect at least one day after. For a weekend event we would deliver on either the Thursday or Friday and collect on the Monday or Tuesday. We will contact you the week before the event to arrange both delivery and collection days and time slots. If you need to have delivery on a specific day we will always do our best to fit in.

Can I collect from you?
Yes, you can collect from us but bear in mind that most of our equipment is bulky. Let us know in advance and we can advise on what size vehicle you will need.

Can I see items before I place my order?
Yes, you are welcome to come to our premises in Churchill, Worcestershire. It’s best to make an appointment first.

What if I need to change my order?
You can add items to your order at any time and if they’re in stock we’ll supply them. You can remove small quantities/items but there may be a charge for substantial changes unless we can re-hire the equipment. We understand that for large functions such as weddings you may not know final numbers until a few weeks before the event, so we will accommodate small variations. We would need confirmation of final numbers 2 weeks before delivery.

Will the equipment be ready to use when it arrives?
Yes, we check the condition of all our stock each time it returns from a hire so you can be confident that it will be ready for you to use.

What happens if something is damaged or lost while on hire?
As the hirer, you are responsible for the equipment while it is with you. If something is lost or damaged we charge for it at the replacement cost.

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Dance Floor Sizes

12ft x 12ft, 15ft x 15ft, 18ft x 18ft, 21ft x 21ft, 24ft x 24ft, 27ft x 27ft


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