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The Chiavari Limewash Chair is a beautiful, understated option for anyone looking for a shabby-chic aesthetic at their event or wedding. The banqueting chair features a gorgeous lime wash finish and comes with a seat pad designed to provide guests with high levels of comfort during long presentations and ceremonies. 

The design of the chair is both laid-back and elegant. On the backrest, there are four supporting cross-rails with five vertical milled struts linking the top two. The entire rear of the chair curves gracefully inwards and then outwards, creating a beautiful profile, particularly when arranged neatly into rows.

Like other chairs in our range, the Chiavari Limewash Chair offers strong cross supports for the legs, making the piece hardy and durable. The chair is suitable for guests of all sizes. Ivory is the only available colour option available on the model, however, others in our range provide additional customisation. 


  • Attractive limewash chair offering a shabby-chic, yet elegant, aesthetic
  • Foam, ivory-coloured seat pad for guest comfort during long events
  • Supportive, elegant backrest with numerous embellishments
  • Sturdy support structure designed for guests of all shapes and sizes
  • Looks great when arranged around the banqueting table