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Finding striking event accessories can sometimes be challenging, but with our 4ft love letters, we make it easy. This product lets you spread the love and set the tone for your gathering. Place at the entrance to your event, besides the dance floor or on-stage if you’re running a conference or show

There are two signage options available for hire: classic white or vintage. The white version uses natural white light LEDs to illuminate the panels from the inside whereas the vintage version uses older-style lighting and comes with a brown, rustic backing. All the wiring required to power the lights is stored away in the support structure behind. 

4ft Love Letters are ideal for weddings. However, they are suitable for practically any event and help to set the mood. Each letter appears from the front as though it is freestanding, but comes with a backing support that prevents it from falling over or  becoming damaged.

  • Spell out the world “LOVE” at your event
  • Available in both white and vintage
  • Support structure included to prevent letters from falling over
  • Perfect for placing beside the dance floor or in your venue’s lobby
  • Suitable for a range of events, including weddings, business conferences and more