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If you want to collect feedback or well-wishes at your event, you need somewhere that guests can post their comments. You could do this with a plain wooden box with a letter opening at the top, but might be a little bland. Much better to use a replica vintage Royal Mail Post Box that feels nostalgic and inspires people to post messages to you. 

The Royal Mail Post Box can function in many different capacities. For instance, you could use it to store letters from well-wishers attending your wedding or use it to collect feedback on your presentations. What’s great about it is that it looks identical to the type of post-box you might find on any British street dating back more than a century. Guests immediately feel at home when they see it. 

At Event Equip, we offer two classic colour options to suit your theme: red and black. Each post box comes with a handy key for opening the bottom section and retrieving mail. 

  • Original Royal Mail Post Box for collecting feedback or well-wishes at your event
  • Available in both classic white and red
  • Features “E.R.” royal insignia
  • Comes with a handy key for opening the bottom flap
  • Vintage styling that’s instantly recognisable to UK guests