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To be visible and project their voices properly, speakers and entertainers need stages. However, not all venues provide them, particularly those outside, which can be a problem. That’s where our Stage Decking hire service comes in handy. We provide you with an elevated platform from which you can entertain your audience, give speeches or simply direct your guests from one activity to another. 

The Stage Deck is 8 feet by 4 feet and features a grey top with black skirt. The sides look like a traditional stage that you might find in a local theatre, symbolising what the prop is for. You get more than a foot of additional elevation, allowing you to tower above people in the audience.

As you might expect, stage decking from us is affordable and extremely robust. It’s strong enough to support multiple people and won’t slide around easily on the ground. What’s more, you can combine multiple units to create a single, larger platform. 

  • Stage decking for events
  • 8 feet by 4 feet
  • Grey top with traditional black skirt
  • Suitable for entertaining, giving speeches or simply providing guests with direction
  • Strong, durable and non-slip