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Sometimes, venues can feel a little sparse. They lack accessories, and everything feels too open. 

That’s where vintage barrels can help. These don’t contain any beer. Instead, they are an event accessory designed to add character to your interiors. 

How you use your vintage barrels is very much up to you. They can function as cake stands, poseur tables or just somewhere for guests to leave their drink while they talk. 

The barrel itself is made of treated, rustic style pieces wrapped in six metal hoops. Except for the fact that it has no opening, it looks identical to the type of barrel that you might have found in a cellar at the start of the last century. 

Because of its neutral, understated design, it is suitable for a wide variety of event themes, including weddings and garden parties. And it’s affordable, too. What better way to create visual impact at your next event?

  • Attractive single vintage barrel – the perfect event accessory
  • Suitable as a cake stand or poseur table 
  • Traditional construction 
  • Adds atmosphere venues lacking character
  • Pairs beautifully with other items in our range, including our three-barrel vintage bar