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Hiring tables that meet the needs of your event can sometimes be challenging. You can’t always find the right size. Fortunately, our Wooden Round Table could be precisely what you are looking for. Tables come in various diameters ranging from three to seven feet. You can select diameters in one-foot increments, with each step adding two additional people. For instance, the three-foot table seats six, the four-foot seats eight, the five-foot seats ten, the six food seats twelve, and the seven-foot seats fourteen. 

The ability to adjust the size of tables means that you can carefully set how many people you have sitting at each table – great if you are hosting a wedding breakfast, party or conference event. You can also mix and match table sizes, depending on your needs.

Packing away tables mid-event is easy, thanks to their helpful and practical design. Each wooden table features a solid wooden top and metal legs which fold inwards to reduce storage requirements. 

  • Neutral wooden-topped round table, suitable for weddings and business events
  • Folding legs for easy transport, storage and packing
  • Affordable prices across the range
  • Available in several diameters for precise seating allocations
  • Sturdy, robust design